Crawlspace Medics LLC

As the only company in the NW specializing exclusively in Crawlspace care, once we get to work you’re guaranteed unparalleled job quality, professionalism and peace of mind for both you, your home and Crawlspace.

The Crawlspace for many is often a mysterious foreboding and unseen part of the house where few dare to venture.  It’s also an integral part of your home, housing critical elements such as plumbing, electrical and heating/ventilation components.  It is also literally the very foundation your home sits on, and an unchecked Crawlspace can drastically impact the structure of the home itself.  Not a particularly pleasant environment due to restricted space, dirt, dust and possible unwelcome intruders, a poorly maintained Crawlspace can be the cause of unwarranted – and avoidable - problems that may hit your pocket book hard when least expected.  The Vapor Barrier, the plastic sheeting that should cover your entire Crawl space floor, may either be completely absent or, due simply to age, in such a dilapidated state that it has long ceased to be effective.  The cost of removing/replacing said Vapor Barrier pales into comparison with the possible financial outlay often encountered by homeowners when the sub-floor needs to be replaced/repaired due to excessive moisture rising from the Crawlspace floor, a scenario completely eliminated with a professionally installed Vapor Barrier.  Unsatisfactory moisture conditions are also extremely conducive for wood destroying organisms such as termites or carpenter ants.

Another significant concern for homeowners is the unwelcome prospect of rodents in a Crawlspace.  Often nesting either in the soil of your crawl space and/or the Insulation, mice and rats and the waste they generate, can and will turn your Crawlspace into an extremely unhealthy environment.  Unlike the vast majority of our competitors, at Crawl Space Medics LLC we have over a little over three combined decades of Pest Control experience at our disposal, so a full-blown rodent infestation is nothing new to us.  We’ll have your Crawlspace looking brand new again.  If you have any questions or would like to schedule a Free Ethical Inspection, we’d love to hear from you.

Claustrophobia, excessive moisture, dirt, dust, mice, rats or spiders?  Hopefully your crawl space has little or none of the above.  If it does, just Contact us and we’ll let you know and offer you a professional cost effective solution there and then.  If it doesn’t we’re more than happy to let you know that too.